Registration Information

Spring registration begins on January 1, 2015.  New spring teams for 2015 may be formed in addition to existing fall/spring teams.
Priority Registration - January 1 through February 15 - Players who register during this time can request a specific coach or to play with a buddy.  Fees are discounted.  Returning players will be returned to the same team they played on during the fall 2014 season provided their team is still intact. 
Regular Registration - February 16 and later - Players who register during this time will be added to teams which have space available.  Due to space limitations, coach or buddy requests are not taken.

Guidelines for fall 14/spring 15 already preregistered players who are requesting a spring 2015 season team change:
  • Availability on spring teams is limited due to the fact that many players may already be pre-registered for the team.  Players who were not pre-registered still have priority placement on their fall/spring team if they submit their registrations during the priority registration period - January 1 to February 15.  Spots can open up on spring teams after February 15 if players requests a drop or if they fail to register during the priority registration time.
  • If you would like to submit a request for a spring season team change, please send the registrar an email ( with your players name, grade/team letter and which team they want to switch to.
  • A new jersey (grades 3 and up) must be purchased upon assignment to the spring team of your choice.  Replacement jerseys are $15.00
  • Spring team assignments will be finalized on or about March 24, 2015.
Spring 2015 Season Dates:
January 1 - priority registration begins (buddy or coach requests can be made during priority registration)
February 15 - priority registration ends and team formation begins
February 16 - regular registration continues until all teams are full
March 24 - rosters are finalized and players will begin to be notified of team placement
April 4 - first weekend of games
May 16 - last weekend of games

Fall 2015 Season Dates:
June 1 - priority registration begins (buddy or coach requests can be made during priority registration only)
July 15 - priority registration ends and team formation begins 
July 16 - regular registration continues until all teams are full
TBD - rosters are finalized and players will begin to be notified of team placement
TBD - first weekend of games
TBD - last weekend of games

All games for ALL leagues will be played on SATURDAYS.

Kickers does not offer a program for preschoolers.  If you have a preschooler who is interested in playing soccer, please call the Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department at 356-5100 for more information. Players registering for the kindergarten league must be currently attending kindergarten or be age eligible to do so (5 years of age on or before September 15, 2014)

Steps to joining Iowa City Kickers:
1.  Register AND pay online OR print a registration form and mail along with a check to the address listed on the form.
2.  Your registration will be processed and you will be added to a team.
3.  You will be contacted by a coach after they receive rosters at the pre-season meeting.
  • Team assignments are based on the date we receive your registration.  
  • Fall registration opens June 1 and Spring registration opens January 1. 
  • While every attempt is made to form school based teams, please be aware this is dependent upon the availability of a volunteer coach from your school and the number of players from your school who submit a registration. 
  • Teams rosters are limited to 12 for grades K-4 and 16 for grades 5 and above. 
  • Submitting a registration form does NOT guarantee placement on a specific team.
  • Requests for specific team placement are allowed during priority registration but cannot be guaranteed.
  • Practices are not assigned by the club.  
  • Coaches of the individual teams determine their own practice days, times and location and will be communicated to you by your coach. Please do not contact Kickers for practice schedules as we do not have information on when/where individual team practices.  
  • The club cannot assign players to teams based upon an individual's practice requirements.
  • Once assignments are made, transfers to another team due to practice needs cannot be accommodated.

  • Lone Tree 1st Grade
  • Lone Tree 2nd Grade
  • Lone Tree 3rd-4th Grade
  • Lone Tree 5th-6th Grade
  • MidPrairie 3rd-4th Grade
  • MidPrairie 5th-6th Grade
  • MidPrairie 7th-8th Grade
  • West Branch Kindergarten
  • West Branch 2nd Grade
  • All Iowa City 7th-8th Grade Boys Teams
  • All Iowa City 5th-6th Grade Girls Teams
Any additional registrations for these groups will be placed on a waiting list for possible team placement

REQUIRED PARENTAL WAIVER.  By clicking on the register now button below, I waive and release all employees, board members and anyone else involved in the program from any claim or liability in the event of injury.  I give permission to the Iowa City Kickers to use photos or videos of my child for publicity or educational purposes.  I confirm that I am 18 years of age or older. The player I will register is in good physical condition and is capable of undertaking a strenuous recreational program.
A printable, mailable registration form is available for those who do not wish to register and pay online.
If you are applying for a scholarship you must do registration by mail.  On-line registration is available only for players paying with a credit card.

SCHOLARSHIPS are available to all players who qualify.  Send a scholarship request form along WITH a registration form.  These cover the cost of ONE season only and must be reapplied for EACH season. A $10 fee must accompany your scholarship request form each season.  If you had a scholarship in the fall you must reapply in the spring. Scholarship players cannot register on-line and must use a paper registration form. Scholarships are not currently available for add-on programs like summer camp or the winter indoor league.

All kindergarten, first and second grade players are required to wear the Kickers red and white reversible shirt to all games.  Shirts many be purchased at Play-It-Again Sports in the First Avenue MiniMall or Wilsons in the Eastdale Mall.  Shirts are also available for purchase at the north concession stand any soccer weekend. 

Players in grades 3 and above will receive a uniform package consisting of a jersey, shorts, and socks.  Uniform packages will be distributed by your coach before the first game.

All players are required to wear shin guards covered by socks at all practice and games.  Soccer shoes are recommended but not required.  Baseball toe cleats on shoes are not allowed.  Mouth guards are recommended but not required at all levels of play.

Spring 2015 Fees:

January 1 through February 15
Players in Grades K-2 - $45
Players in Grades 3 and up who are returning to their same fall team - $45
Players in Grades 3 and up who did not play during the fall 2014 season or who wish change teams - $65

February 16 and later
Players in Grades K-2 - $55
Players in Grades 3 and up - $75