Board Member Bios

Jeff Boller
Joined Kickers:  2006
Current Kickers Team:  Girls 7-12
Current Board Position:  Board President
Real World Job: Technician at P & G
Originally From:  Kalona, IA
Family:  My wife and I are parents to four children, two boys and two girls.  We have all been very active with soccer.  The children have all played since they were in preschool or kindergarten.  
Playing/Coaching Experience: I played high school varsity soccer.  I have been coaching soccer for 17 years, 10 with kickers.  Some years I have coached two teams.  I have been reffing soccer for nine years, seven with Kickers.
Other Interests: : Hawkeye football and basketball, the St. Louis Cardinals, movies and hanging out with my family. 
We do enjoy many other activities, usually what the children are doing. Drama's, music concerts, and a lot of sports.
Coaching Philosophy: When I coach at Kickers I want the players to have a better understanding of the game.  I believe in fair play and teaching them both how to win and lose with character.   I want my players to be able to play any position on the field,  because if they want to play in high school and beyond they should understand the game.  It's about having fun.  Yes.  It is fun to win, but in the end are you a better player, coach, parent, fan and person?

Joe Demarest

Joined Kickers:
Current Kickers Team:  1st grade and girls 3-4
Current Board Position: Past President
Real World Job: Human Resource Generalist with The Arc of East Central Iowa in Cedar Rapids
Originally From: New Jersey and Brooklyn
Family:  Wife Katie Roche, one son and one daughter
Playing/Coaching Experience: Has played soccer since kindergarten at both highly competitive and recreational levels and continues to play in the Kickers adult league. Has coached high school boys soccer and at various camps on the east coast 
Other Interests: 
Coaching Philosophy: Emphasizing basic technical skills and tactical understanding in a fun and relaxed setting that enables players to develop naturally based on their age and individual skill level.

Allan Guymon

Joined Kickers:  
Current Kickers Team:  
Current Board Position: 
Real World Job: 
Originally From: 
Playing/Coaching Experience: 
Other Interests: 
Coaching Philosophy: 

Danilo Jahn
Joined Kickers:
Current Kickers Team:  Boys 7/8
Current Board Position:  Trustee since 2011, Served as Coaching Director in 2014
Real World Job: Cardiology Nurse at UIHC
Originally From: Germany
Family: Two brothers, one sister in Germany.  Married with two children.  My son (11) has been playing on a Kickers team since kindergarten and my daughter (5) will start this fall.
Playing/Coaching Experience: I have been playing organized soccer since I was five years old with one year playing semi-pro in Germany. I moved to the USA in 1998 and am currently still playing in the Kickers Adult league on up to three team per season and any chance I get in a pickup game around town. I coached in Germany up to U-17 and started as an assistant coach at Kickers  in 2004. I have coached up to two teams in a season. I have been a coach in the last three Kickers Summer Camps. I have also been a referee since 1999 and refereed off and on up to the JV and varsity level. 
Other Interests: Anything my kids are into, lots of outdoor stuff like camping kayaking, hiking, biking, basketball, volleyball, college football, music, theater, good food, friends, travel. Did I mention Soccer?
Coaching Philosophy: All players should enjoy their experience as part of the team, everyone on the team is expected to put the best interest of the team first, before any thought is given to individual accomplishments. No individual, coach or player, is more important than the team. I succeed as a coach when I can get a group of kids to play together, as a team, play hard, and reach their ultimate potential while having fun. My enthusiasm, encouragement and personal attention is key to every player having a positive experience. Two quotes come to mind:
"Soccer is simple, but it is difficult to play simple" - Johan Cruyff
"I am attracted to soccer's capacity for beauty. When played well, the game is a dance with the ball." - Eduardo Galeano

Craig Wilkinson

Joined Kickers:
Current Kickers Team:  Girls 7-12
Current Board Position: Trustee
Real World Job: Systems Administrator
Originally From: Dubuque, IA
Family:  One son and one daughter, both have been playing soccer since they were 3.
Playing/Coaching Experience: I have 30+ years of experience playing soccer.  I started at age 6 and still play to this day in the Kickers Adult League.  Some of my accomplishments have been playing for the Iowa ODP program and for Carthage College in Kenosha WI.  I started coaching 8 years ago when my daughter first showed interest in soccer at age 3.  Since then I've added another team (my son's) and have been a coach at the last 3 Kickers Summer Camps.
Other Interests: I really enjoy the outdoors; biking, camping, fishing, paddleboarding
Coaching Philosophy:  Have fun and you can't score if you don't shoot.

Mandi Lueck
Joined Kickers: 2018
Current Kickers Team:  Girls 7-12
Current Board Position: Trustee
Real World Job: Science Teacher at Washington High School in Washington IA
Originally From: Luzerne, IA
Family: My husband and I have been raising two daughters who both play in the 7-12 girls league.  We also spend time hanging out with our two dogs. 
Playing/Coaching Experience: This is my first year as an assistant coach so I can learn more of the sport.
Other Interests: 
I love to read and I am a certified geek.  I also love to bake when I have the time.
Coaching Philosophy:  I want to learn everything I can about coaching, teamwork, and playing, so that any team I am involved with can enjoy the sport and find successes at any level.

Mal Stroik
Joined Kickers: 2018
Current Kickers Team:  Girls 7-12
Current Board Position: Trustee
Real World Job: Research Associate for the Lung Biology & Cystic Fibrosis Research Center at the University of Iowa
Originally From: Columbia Heights, MN
Family:  Wiener Dog Dexter
Playing/Coaching Experience: I played up through high school varsity soccer.  This was my first year coaching a team and I've reffed for several years.
Other Interests: Iowa Hawkeyes and Green Bay Packers
Coaching Philosophy: Have fun while giving 100% effort.