Rule Revision on yellow cards adopted: 10/5/2016

Yellow cards: Based on some events of this season we have decided to institute new rules in regards to cautions given on the field. These rules will be active for this weeks (10/8/16) games, and accumulation tracking will start at this point. Any cautions given prior to this week will not be counted in the accumulation. 

Any player receiving a caution (yellow card) must leave the game for 5 consecutive mins. Penalty will carry over from half to half and end of game to overtime and overtime to overtime. If the team of the player who received a yellow card does not have enough players to substitute, their opponent will match numbers on the field for the 5 min duration of the penalty.

Coaches and referees are responsible for tracking the 5 min period, before the cautioned player may re-enter the game they must check back in with the referee so that we can assure the 5 min time has passed.

Any player receiving 3 cautions (yellow cards) in consecutive games, or 4 cautions (yellow cards) within a season will be subject to a 1 week or 1 game suspension whichever is greater after review by the Kickers Staff. This rule is being implemented to ensure safe play for all of our participants, and to foster proper sportsmanship within our league. 

  Age Specific Short Form Rules: