Spring Tournament

MAY 14 & MAY 21

  • During pool play teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for each goal up to 3 goals, 1 point for a tie, and 1 point for a shutout (maximum of 7 points/game).

  • The four teams with the most points from pool play in each league will advance to the championship/consolation rounds on May 21. All other teams will also play at least one game on May 21

  • The winning coach will be responsible for reporting the scores. IF SCORES ARE NOT REPORTED BY 7:00PM ON 5/7 and 5/14, TEAMS WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY POINTS. It is important that we let families know the next weeks schedules as soon as possible and therefore cannot accept any late scores.

  • The May 14 schedule will be posted by the end of the day on May 8. The second weekend schedule is tentative and based on standings after the first weekend. Final schedules for May 21 will be posted to the website by Sunday, May 15.

  • Teams normally playing 11 v 11 must have a minimum of 7 players to start the game. Teams normally playing 7 v 7 must have a minimum of 5 to start the game. The opponents must play down to match their numbers (7 v 7, 8 v 8, 9 v 9). If teams do not have minimum numbers a forfeit will be called with the opponent receiving 6 total points for the game.

  • In the event of a tie in standings, tiebreakers will be decided using the following sequence of criteria: a) Best goal differential (goals scored minus goals allowed) b) Fewest goals allowed, c) Head to head competition, d) Best regular season record, and e) Coin toss.

  • All rules and game lengths will be the same as those used during the spring season for regular games. They will also be the same for all games on the second weekend including the championship and consolation games with the exception that two 5 minute overtime periods will be played in event of a tie. If after both overtime periods end and the game is still tied, then the outcome will be decided by penalty kicks as per FIFA rules (starting with 5 per team).

  • The 1st and 2nd place teams for each league will receive individual trophies.

  • Please emphasize to your players, parents and assistant coaches the highest standards of sportsmanship throughout the event. Kickers reserves the right to penalize and sanction teams based on unsportsmanlike behavior from players, coaches, and parents.

Boys 3/4 May 14 & May 21

Boys 5/6 May 14 & May 21

Boys 7/8 May 14 & May 21

Girls 3/4 May 14 & May 21

G5/6 and G7-12 play regular season games on May 14. Standings after May 14 will determine who goes to the championship and consolation games on May 21.