Rainout Line is the cancellation notification system for the City of Iowa City's Parks and Recreation Department. This service is easy to use and offers a variety of ways to receive alerts.

Rainout Line allows you to receive cancellation information instantly through your choice of communication tools. To subscribe to the system and select the way you want to be notified, visit

Notification Options:

  • Parks and Recreation web page - Cancellation notifications will be available on the City's website at

  • Phone Line - Call 319-346-7080 and follow the extension needed for your event. Standard long distance charges may apply.

  • Free Mobile App - Download the Rainout Line app for free from the App Store or Android Market on your phone or tablet. Once downloaded, search for Iowa City Parks and Recreation.

  • Facebook - Like Iowa City Parks and Recreation on Facebook to receive instant weather updates, along with other information.

  • Twitter - Follow Iowa City Parks and Recreation on Twitter @ICParksandRec to receive instant weather updates, along with other Parks and Recreation news.

  • Email - Create your free login, then add your email address to the email alert list for real time alerts.

  • Text Message - Create your free login, then add your phone number to the text message alert list.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact Jeff Sears, Parks and Recreation Sports Supervisor, at 319-356-5034 or email

Weather Emergency Policies:

In the case that lightning is observed at the soccer park, the games currently in progress are CANCELLED and players, coaches and parents should leave the fields. Further games cannot start for a full 30 minutes after a lightning flash is observed or thunder rumble is heard. During this 30 minute period, fields should be evacuated and parents, players, coaches, and referees should move to a safe place. At the soccer fields, this would be a fully enclosed metal vehicle with the windows rolled up. Soft top convertible vehicles do not qualify as a safe place. The picnic kiosks do not qualify as a safe place. Do not congregate under the eaves of the concession buildings during a thunderstorm. The buildings are surrounded by metal shelving. Coaches, parents and players should stay in their vehicles until they are instructed to return to the fields. Instructions will be given via this weather cancellation page and on twitter @ickickers. After a lightning suspension further game start times may be affected. In the case of a tornado warning or a severe thunderstorm warning for Johnson County, the county's emergency warning sirens will sound and games are automatically CANCELLED AND THE PARK CLOSED. Players, parents, coaches, and referees will need to evacuate the fields immediately upon hearing the county’s emergency warning sirens and move to the nearest safe shelter outside the park. Games will not resume.

In the case of other weather extremes such as heavy downpours or excessive standing water on the fields, games may also be CANCELLED AND THE PARK CLOSED.

Kickers may cancel or delay games due to lightning in the area even when the park has not been officially closed by the city.

Decisions on team PRACTICE cancellations at locations other than the soccer park will come from the coach of your team. Please contact your coach for the latest information.