NEW Boys 9th-10th Grade League


  • There will be no mid week practices. Games will be on Saturday afternoons from September 11 to October 23. October 30 will be a make up day for any rainouts during the regular season.

  • Team scoring for this league will be similar to the Spring Fling Tournament (3 pts win, 1 pt tie, 1 pt each for the first 3 goals, 1 pt for a shutout). There will be a new opportunity for up to 2 bonus points for golden goals.

  • Golden goals: The first five minutes of each half will feature a gold soccer ball. If your team scores while the gold ball is in play, you earn 1 bonus point for that half. If you score two goals with the golden ball in the first half, you still only earn the 1 bonus point. Golden goals count just like any other goal as far as the game score is concerned.

  • PK Championship - The two teams with the most points at the end of the season will face each other in a penalty kick shootout.

  • Fees; Early Registration (June 1-July 15) $80.00, Standard Registration (after July 15) $95.00

  • Every player receives a game day jersey.

  • While this is predominantly a boys leagues, girls are also eligible to play in this league.

Boys 9/10 Standings Fall 2021


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